It all begins with God. We believe He is the Creator of all. That He is unlimited, unchanging and that He needs for nothing. And yet in needing nothing, He chooses US. Personally and individually He seeks out His creation – You and me.

People Matter

All people are God-made which means all people are God-valued. We are filled with unlimited potential, yet tragically flawed. Calvary (where Jesus Christ died on the cross) proves people matter to God—they matter to us, too.

Spiritual Rebels

You and I suffer from a spiritual disease called sin. Minimize it, excuse it, deny it; it’s real and it’s a big deal in the eyes of a just God. Yes, mankind is made in God’s image and is filled with potential, but we are also simultaneously flawed beyond the point of being able to fix ourselves.

Relevant Church

Though possessing the ultimate truth, the Church is often guilty of dumbing down and dulling down the life-altering message of Jesus Christ. Lost in confusing jargon, bogged down in doctrinal minutia – simply said – the church has not stayed current. Though not perfect, we seek to be authentic.

Living Forever

You and I were created to live forever. Some treat Heaven like a fairytale, a myth that Christians conjured up to bolster excitement when life on earth seemed too bleak or drab. The Bible presents Heaven very differently: A place that is perfect, amazing and very REAL.



Jesus Christ, God's Son, is the heartbeat of all we do. He is the most extraordinary person to ever walk our planet. This is amazingly profound because for two thousand years He has wonderfully, radically and eternally changed people’s lives.

Cultural Orphans

Disillusioned, disenfranchised, skeptical, and bored, this generation is spiritually hungry yet often untouched and unmoved by what it experiences in its limited encounter with the church.

Living Word

Finding God is not something we initiate; it is Someone we respond to. Though we were unaware, He loved us first. He sought US out. We know this because He has given us an entirely trustworthy revelation, a divine book – HIS BOOK. The Bible. His Words tell us of His original love of us.

A Faith Nation

A word commonly used to describe the people that attend LifePoint is diverse and we love it! We are one people, yet profoundly different. One family, yet culturally diverse. All with unique backgrounds, burdens and baggage, yet with similar dreams and desires to connect with God. 

A Global Mission

Jesus saves. This is a truth too amazing to keep to ourselves. It is a truth that houses eternal life, purpose, cleansing, peace, and acceptance. It is a righteous revolution that is for all people – hope, healing, heaven.